Bath Bomb Soak

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Indulge with a relaxing epsom salt bath bomb soak that has been scented with skin safe fragrance and/or pure essential oils.

These bombs fizz after touching the water, allowing their amazing scent to release into the air and your bath water. Perfect for relaxing in as they contain a large amount of epsom salts. Epsom salts are renowned for their ability to help with aches and are wonderful for drawing toxins from the body.

We can custom make bath bombs too. Please in box for your own custom made special order.

Available in the following scents:

Not so plain jane: White/tan colour. Coconut cream scent, lots of glitter

Passion: Purple/blue with rose gold, seductive scent

Vanilla: Light coffee colour with white sugar pearls, vanilla scent

You're My World: Blue, green and white colour, scented with our Love Magik blend

Candied Pear: Green colour, crisp pear scent

Strawberry Champagne: Pink colour with sugar pearls, strawberry champagne scent

Tasmanian Woodsman: Grey/blue colour, spicy unisex scent

Pink Peony: Light pink with suga pearls, peony rose scent

Blueberry: Light blue, blueberry scent

Raspberry Rhubarb: Green/pink clay coloured, ripe raspberries/rhubarb scented

Floral Berries: Pink/white colour with flora, floral scented with hint of berry

Tasmanian Bush: clay bomb, unique scent of being in a Tasmanian forest

Australian Outback: clay bomb, blend of Australian flora and herbs

Chanel Needs Five: White with pink bead gem, chanel no.5 scented

3 Bears clay bomb: warm oatmeal, milk with honey scent (vegan)

Orange Sorbet: Orange colour, sugar cube, juicy orange with vanilla

Tasmanian Devil: White with pink and black salt, Orange/lavender/huon pine scent

Cherry Blossom: Vivid pink with silver/purple splash, cherry blossom scent

Scent of The Moment: Surprise scent not from this list